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The full form is International English Language Testing System. It is a mandatory examination if you are planning to build your career or settle in an English speaking country. It does not evaluate your general knowledge; its main focus is to examine your compatibility with English language.

The pattern of this examination depends on your purpose to go abroad. The people who are planning to acquire education in University/Colleges where communication is being done using English as a first language have to appear for academic module, and others who plan to migrate overseas appear for general training module.


As your acquaintance with any language is judged on 4 parameters which are as follows:
  • Ability to understand any language (Listening)
  • To read the content of that language (Reading)
  • To communicate in that language (Speaking)
  • How well you express your thoughts in that language (Writing)
And So, IELTS also judges you on these parameters only.

Sections Questions Time
Listening4030 mins
Reading4060 mins
Writing2 Tasks60 mins
Speaking20 Questions(around)15 mins
It is a 9 BAND examination which includes 4 Modules which are as follows

  • Listening (30 Minutes Section) :

    A foreign conversation is played, you need to precisely listen to it, and answer the questions based upon what you hear. Hence, this section judges you on your ability to listen and understand English language. Your concentration in this section is very important as you have to read, listen and write simultaneously with generic understanding.

  • Reading (60 Minutes Section) :

    You would be given multiple passages on various topics and you have to find the answers from the given passage. In this section, your comprehending skills are measured.

  • Writing (60 Minutes Section) :

    In this module, you have to perform two independent tasks; first task is based on your examination module. For Academic module, you need to perform graph writing and for General training module (GT), you have to do letter writing. The second task is common for both the modules, which demands you to write an essay on the given topic.

  • Speaking (15-20 Minutes Section) :

    Here, your one-one interview will be conducted by an IELTS examiner. In this section you will be asked multiple questions and you have to answer them accordingly. Remember here what you speak is recorded and you will be judged on how well you speak in English (i.e. General Knowledge is not checked).

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